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Marc Jacobs Collection: FW2010


I interned at MJ more than a year ago, but the culture of the company is something that continues to resonate with me. The office is small and intimate. Each person embodies the brand in his or her own way. The great thing about the office is that Marc and Robert Duffy were definite presences. This season, I especially enjoyed the tweeting storm Robert Duffy created during preparations for the show. Imran Amed of Business of Fashion did a great interview with him about Twitter.

This has certainly been the most sellable collection to date. I am sure that MJ is having an amazing market week this year. I loved the great play on texture (chiffon, shearling, chunky cable knits) and color. Great separates and dresses, mixing in the aged-wisdom of three piece suits (classically tailored) and the innocence of girly pleated dresses. Marc is a master at shape, and it is impressive how the collection was so light and airy, even when looking at the heavier pieces (closing gowns). MJ has such a beautiful presentation style. The music and opening staging, not to mention the clothes, show how this was obviously a heartfelt collection.

I am somewhat puzzled by Marc’s exit from a back door instead of stage right. Hidden meaning?

Check out the full presentation here.

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  1. 02/22/2010 1:34 PM

    Fabulous! Oh and I’m extremely envious. I would do anything to work with Marc Jacobs for even a day!

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