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According to The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion, sumptuary laws are those that “restrict the ownership and use of luxury goods to certain social and/or economic classes.” I thought that this was an appropriately ironic title for a fashion blog, a platform that is perhaps the best example of how technology has democratized almost all aspects of luxury.

Each blog faces the struggle of finding its own unique voice amongst a sea others. My own perspective: to explore the world of fashion and the often unseen elements, people, and organizations that make it work commercially and conceptually.

Special shout out to Toni, Veena, and Alan for convincing me to start this!

Thanks for joining.


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  1. snapshotsnyc permalink
    02/22/2010 1:49 PM

    I’m so glad you’ve made it happen! Can’t wait to keep reading. Nice layout too.

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