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Baron & Baron, Inc.


To the unassuming eye, one could easily think that everything stamped with a Calvin Klein logo or Ralph Lauren logo is designed, produced, marketed, and sold by the respective brand. But, as those in the industry know, licenses are the way that a simple tie manufacturer can grow to become a lifestyle brand. Fragrances, eyewear, underwear, swimwear, home, beauty– designers rely on other companies with these respective core competencies in order to get the best product possible.

There are also boutique agencies that do work for the licensees under commission from the designer. Baron & Baron, Inc. is one of these reputable companies. B&B designs advertising, fragrance bottles, furniture, and also offers consulting services in brand management. Its client roster is just as varied as its service portfolio, including big names like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Nars Cosmetics.

Definitely one of the movers of the industry. Recognize any of their work?

CK Underwear Ad, via

Prada Fragrance Bottle, via

Michael Kors Ad, via

Visit the site for a full portfolio of work here.

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