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Alexander Wang: FW 2010


Alexander Wang has made a name for himself with his keen eye and rebellious aesthetic. He has a loyal following that is devoted to his modern and edgy collections. For this fall collection, it seems that he tried to take his label to another level. It was supposedly based off of women on Wall Street who make money and steal money (or some other convoluted-to-the-point-where-it-must-be-sophisticated-or-intellectual idea). He wanted his woman to look strong and determined. But with the wet hair and awful makeup, it looked like his models were battered women who were hosed down by their husbands (black-eyes are never cool to look at).  He also mentioned taking inspiration from gypsies as well. But gypsies are nomads with a sort of mysticism and robustness that Wang failed to capture. Where was the fun?

Although the collection was filled with a few good separates and layers that some retailers will be sure to pick up (I actually loved that leather trench), I cannot help but say that this collection looked very amateur. I question the fit of some of the trouser-turned-body-suit garments. Two models barely made it through their walk in long pinstripe skirts (if the bottom is as wide as a neck opening, then we have a problem) and it looked like Wang narrowly avoided a model backup on the runway.

And what was with those long strips of chiffon woven into the deconstructed suits? I thought that the models were packing streamer batons, and the added movement was only distracting.

The closing dresses looked, well, wet and saggy. I cannot imagine too many women looking good in a dress that looks heavy.

I dare venture that the only redeeming factor of the show were the over sized sunglasses. I mean, if black eyes are in style, I guess you will need something to cover them up for certain conservative occasions.

Check out the full collection here.

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