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In light of the recession, many analysts have stated that consumers’ wallets have been closed shut. I would beg to differ. It seems more that people are looking for reasons to believe, to be inspired to buy. The companies with the most foresight (LVMH, Coach) have been encouraging their designers to focus on quality and assortment. It seems that this past season has heralded a so called “renaissance” of fashion where originality, design, and good construction has taken hold.

I came across SUNO a few months ago while reading up on an outfit that Michelle Obama had worn. Founder and designer Max Osterweis designs clothing here in New York and takes these patterns to Kenya where local artisans craft each garment in small workshops. I personally love the Afro-art-deco patterns of the Kenyan fabric and the 1960s influence of the presentations. SUNO is also meant to showcase the rapidly growing skills of the Kenyan labor and seems to be a good catalyst for some economic and social change.

Social consciousness is also a good reason to buy, no?

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  1. 03/25/2010 7:49 PM

    I agree that the recession isn’t really impacting consumers when it comes to designer goods. Broke or not, people want the good stuff!

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