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Versace Spring 2011


Last year’s spring women’s presentation was called a triumphant return of Versace’s former glory. I would have to agree with the critics for the most part; the quality of work and salability has been quite consistent for the past few seasons. And for today’s spring 2011 men’s presentation in Milan this year, she has continued on this path of taste.  

The most obvious influence of this season is Art Deco. The geometric patterns seemed to run off the models right onto the runway itself. The motif (which can easily go awry) was executed pretty tastefully for the most part and was especially chic in shirting and the high-stanced tailored suiting. There were touches of 1980s in the color story and silhouette and western flourishes like fringe and short collars were actually refreshing instead of corny. The novelty fabrications are definitely not for most men, but it certainly still has relevance to today’s market.  


I loved the long blazers as key fashion items. The a garment like this has great movement and is a quirky take on the blend between formal and outerwear:  



This leather cropped trench is going to be a big seller:  


Some of the collection, however, is kind of questionable. I understand the purpose of making a statement, but I find sifting through the crap (contrast tuxedo shirts, leather vests, and sleeveless dressshirts) to be tiresome. And it is a shame that the casting missed its mark. The finale of swimwear and robes would have been much more compelling on the right bodies.  

Check out the full collection here.

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